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I'm an India-raised, Italy-based
Content Designer,
dabbling in USER experiences
that instruct & delight.
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A t-shaped designer obsessed with f-patterns

A maximalist (read hoarder) by nature and a minimalist in practice, I revel in saying a lot through a little. I firmly believe that experiences should provide people with a greater feeling of belonging.

Like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold cold winter night. Great experiences must demand to be tried, loved and heck... binged.

An all-in-all culture kook and lit nerd, for 6 years I’ve worked with teams approaching content challenges in lifestyle, food, digital media, education, work and play through words and visuals. I believe Content Design can be an effective prism, through which any product, service, system, and experience can be made human and delightful.

For any industry, any business and most importantly, any user.

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Some Skills

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Content Strategy

Having led a robust content team for 4 years, my skills range from understanding user needs to shipping a high quality product

Curation, Research & Programming
Creative Direction
Brand Guidelines & Strategy
Project Management
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Experience Design

Stacked with a professional background in content & an academic know-how of design, I take pride in being an avid tinkerer

UX writing
Tools & Frameworks
Prototyping & Testing
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MArketing & Comms.

Working with varied B2B, B2C, external & internal marketing teams, I know how to create exciting messages &  distribute them

Social Media Marketing
Pitching & Presenting

Some Reviews

Kasturi showed strong copywriting skills in the emails she used. She also did great with bringing the service design mentality to everything & using the A/B testing capabilities of the platform to their full potential. Her grammar, word order, & spelling were almost always perfect which meant she required very little supervision in her English writing (not a common thing when working in Italy). Beyond that, she had excellent style, which requires more than mother tongue skills, but years of practice, study, & passion for the language.

This is FUNDAMENTAL in marketing. Kasturi truly has a gift with words & any company that hires her will be lucky to have her for that.
Amanda Whitmore
Corporate Storyteller, GELLIFY
Kasturi's understanding of content and audience is phenomenal and hence, enables her to conceptualise and design content properties that hold commercial value with premium aesthetics.

Due to her prowess as a content creator, when we pivoted to video, her role did not diminish but grew  – given that video content required a deeper understanding of content and audiences. Over the next few years, she was able to conceptualise multiple video properties including The Rasoi Project – and we became the #1 food media platform in India with over 100M+ monthly views.
Mayank Yadav
CEO, Rusk Media
I have watched Kasturi develop into a compassionate and hardworking leader. Working in a fast-paced and ever-changing startup sector, she has been quick on her feet with her ideas and solution-oriented when faced with challenges.

More personally, Kasturi has been integral to leading policies within the organisation & encouraging a decorum and an exciting work culture. She was especially capable as the creative voice in the room when pitching to important clients and putting forth her ideas in a clear and concise manner. She has taken my criticism openly and come back with solutions, time and again.  
Arjun Sawhney
Founder, Eattreat

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