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Art-eater. Literature Lover. Songstress. Army Kid. India-Raised. Italy-Based.
Content Designer & Strategist.
Illustrator. Culture Kook. Overthinker. Empath.

A t-shaped designer obsessed with f-patterns

A maximalist (read hoarder) by nature and a minimalist in practice, I revel in saying a lot through a little. I firmly believe that experiences should provide people with a greater feeling of belonging.

Like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold cold winter night. Great experiences must demand to be tried, loved and heck... binged.

An all-in-all culture kook and lit nerd, for 6 years I’ve worked with teams approaching challenges in lifestyle, food, digital media, education, work and play through words and visuals. I believe Content Design can be an effective prism, through which any product, service, system, and experience can be made human and delightful.

For any industry, any business and most importantly, any user.

An illustrated image of leaves, pencils and colours adorning a black and white image of Kasturi

A bit of History

As a serial startup-er, I have a knack for constructing successful content properties. From managing a team to conducting competitor and TG research; from creating and marketing viral content pieces to deep-diving into analytics; from pitching and presenting to being known for my indiscriminate hustle to thrive.

Over the last year, I have completed workshops and projects in Strategic Design, building robust skills in design frameworks – like journey maps, service blueprints, ecosystem maps –that help bring clarity to complex challenges in human behaviours, relationships, workflow and processes. I have been collaborating and communicating with different stakeholders to test and validate service components and convey value propositions. Conducting, and synthesising research with existing/potential service users and  providers are aspects I enjoy the most.

My hustle to learn and unlearn has led me to Europe, where I want to explore Content through the lens of design and empathy. I am keen to work in new-age, innovative companies with open roles in User Experience or Content Design.  I am open to relocating, but I'm currently based out of Milan.

What I'm upto These Days
Content Design Consultant— GELLIFY

Consulting on design thinking projects in Italy, Iberia and the Middle East, after the successful completion of a 4 month internship.

MDS, Strategic Design

Just completed my second masters in Feb 2022, with 110 grade.

Building Portfolio Website

I decided to recreate my portfolio on this website by learning a bit of code & new softwares.
Still kinda working on it. :)

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