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Personal Project On Instagram

A personal social media project documenting my illustration work and commissions over the course of a year


Details of the project


Stationery Hoe started as a visual diary in March2016. This was a personal social media account that slowly started becoming a conduit for my personal artistic expression.

It was in 2019, however, I started posting videos focussing on botanical watercolour and exploring my style with gusto.

The account has amassed 21k followers in the last 3 months.


Curator & Creator


6 Months

Stationery Hoe Screenshots of Posts


The posts on the feed are minimal and saturated botanicals.
The videos are 1 min long and are meant as tutorials.
Viewers can use these “therapeutic” videos to create artwork of their own or just to consume.

Stationery Hoe Screenshots of Videos


Highly engaging stories are also awindow into the life of the artist.
Since the account is purely for art, this is a space for me to interact with those who have similar interests.
This is also a great space for promoting on-ground events like workshops and encourage brand associations.

Stationery Hoe Screenshots of Stories


In 3 months, I gained keen insight into how analytics for Instagram works. I use the data to curate my future projects and art series.
Knowing the engagement metrics allows me to predict to a certain extent, the shareability of a particular post. Over time I have also been able to shortlist best practices such as time of posting, comment management and associations that can be extrapolated across different social media accounts and business models.

Having a sticky audience has also given me the opportunity to consider converting this account into a full fledged business developed around Art Therapy.

Stationery Hoe Screenshots of Analytics
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